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How To Keep Your House Protected From Burglars

Our area is not the safest place in the world. We need to deal with break-ins, robberies and also drive-by shootings all the time however, since this is our home, we are ready to deal with it.

We have adjusted to our surroundings and bought a complex home security system which includes several home alarms and also hidden cameras. Though this might not stop a determined burglar, we could at least be sure that we will bring the bad guys to justice.

One of the more fascinating items that we have is an auto dialer security and safety alarm. As soon as armed, this auto dialer constantly scans the room it is in and will sound a 105 dB alarm whenever that motion is found.

As soon as the alarm is sounded, it is going to call approximately 5 preset telephone numbers. We have set it to include the telephone number of the local police department, in order that it will call for help in case we’re not able to.

We set up our auto dialer in the main room, which is the living room, of our residence. We do not have a back or side door, and there are no trees surrounding the house, so we only have to worry about one entryway.

During summer months, our front door is open in daytime to air out our house, so we have the alarm fixed to ‘chime mode’. In this mode, it will play a light chime sound each time it perceives motion however will not sound the alarm or call the cops.

We arm our motion detector auto dialer alarm at night, when we are in bed, and also each time we go out on long journeys. Whenever used in combination with our hidden cameras, this makes sure that anyone that trespasses may be tracked as well as captured.

The home alarms that we make use of give us not only security but also peace of mind. Our motion-detecting auto dialer has proven to be very useful that we have decided to obtain one each for our office and our shop, too.

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