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How To Give Protection To Yourself When Faced With Attackers

Soon after we had a night out some scary-looking guys cornered my girlfriend and me in an alley. Just when they were going to strike it was a great thing that a police automobile went by and saved us from what might have been a horrible incident.

I kept contemplating what would have happened to us if the cops werent there. I would like to be able to protect my sweetheart in case a dangerous situation came about. To prepare myself I searched the web in order to try to find the most effective martial art technique for self-defense.

While surfing around I stumbled upon a number of instructional fighting videos on the net. I figured that the most effective strategy to defend my loved ones as well as myself is going to be by learning how to fight. If I knew how to fight then I could stand a chance towards an attacker.

From the available self-defense videos I was interested in the Indian Fighting Skills DVD by Randall Brown. The hand-to-hand fighting tactics he was teaching appeared very easy to learn promising to make it difficult for the enemy to catch you and also pin you down.

I figured that it would take me quite some time to get accustomed to each of the techniques being shown in this street fighting DVD. But after just seeing the moves I was delighted to learn that I got to pick them up instantly.

With the Indian fighting skills being shared I discovered how to snap the neck of an attacker by using 3 easy movements. Furthermore I got trained on throwing a solid damaging punch without needing to apply a lot of power.

Following the experience I found out that self-defense videos could be great for a normal Joe just like me. They provide outstanding fighting techniques that provide somebody the relevant skills necessary to have the advantage over any enemy.

I found out that the most effective martial art skill for defense could be obtained from the appropriate DVD. In the event that anybody tries to hurt my sweetheart and me again they will be in for a big surprise.

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