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How To Continue To Be Protected At A High Risk Job

My work being a repo man is to claim belongings which have been utilized by individuals as collateral for financial loans. My job is among the most risky in the world simply because nobody would like their stuff to be taken away so suddenly.

Men and women often threaten violence towards me whenever I arrive to get things that currently belong to the banks so I started thinking about my personal safety. As soon as I saw that a neighborhood pawnshop had a stun gun for sale I performed some research and acquired one.

A stun gun is a non-lethal self-defense tool. It incapacitates an assailant by delivering a strong electrical shock on contact. This particular shock overrides their ability to move and causes them to keel over in pain.

The result only lasts for a couple of minutes and does not cause any kind of permanent injury. The small stun gun which I bought was a 5-inch Z-Force stun gun rated at 100000 volts. It included a wrist strap and also a built-in safety switch.

Low voltage stun guns such as this one are sure to be non-lethal due to their low voltage rating. This makes them much safer to keep around as compared to police-grade high voltage stun gun models.

They had a much more potent unit available that was exactly 1.5 inches in height and rated at 300000 volts. But it was very big for me to carry around effectively so I picked the smaller one.

I bring my slim stun gun with me whenever I am on the job as well as keep it holstered in my waist normally tucked into my pants or in a special carrier. This way I am able to quickly reach it in the event that Im assaulted.

Thanks to the pawnshop that had the stun gun for sale at a really good price I am far more confident at the job. The last thing that you would want to deal with in this particular job is another person attacking you but owing to my stun gun I know that I can protect myself.

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