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How To Beef Up Security By Hiding Things In Plain Sight

When I moved to Anaheim one of my worries was securing the valuable belongings which I had. Purchasing a security vault had been my only choice in the beginning until a pal suggested secret safes that could be obtained online.

Hidden wall safes may offer durability as well as security however their size by itself makes it obvious for burglars to find these once they have broken into someones house. Instead I opted for small inconspicuous safes that could carry out the same job for a lesser price.

Diversion safes are very different from the ones that most people know about. That is because these are camouflaged as normal household items than may be strategically put into areas where they look normal and also unnoticeable.

For example I bought 7Up can safes which I put into the kitchen cupboard along with the real canned sodas that I have in stock. In fact sometimes I grab them mistakenly from their spots since they look so real that I forget they are storage safes.

I placed book safes in my reading corner that keep my passport identification cards and some money. A flowerpot safe inside my rooms terrace on the other hand conceals my watches wallets as well as jewelry in plain sight.

The bathroom cleaner safe that stores the key to my security deposit box at the bank looks wonderful under the sink. To make it look more convincingly gross I threw in a filthy looking rug over it so that not a soul would even dare touch it but me.

Buying diversion safes has been among the best investments that I have made up to now with regards to securing my belongings in the home. Considering the small amount of money that I invested in them they have served me well for some years now.

If it were a choice between hidden wall safes and also little disguised safes I would certainly choose the second option as they are less expensive whimsical and also undeniably helpful for their compact sizes.

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