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How To Arm Yourself With Protection Versus Possible Assaults

I am one of those women addicted to watching all the popular crime shows today. As much as I love watching them I have to admit I have become quite paranoid since I am knowledgeable that many of those scenarios were based on actual events. Realizing that I simply needed to arm myself with protection.

Finding what stores sell pepper spray on the net was the initial step. With my own self-defense device I was certain that I can protect myself in case any person attempts to hurt me throughout my daily travel or even while I am in the house.

Pepper sprays provide a throbbing burning experience in the face of the assailant. This particular pain is going to incapacitate the recipient for a few moments offering the targeted prey enough time to run far away from danger.

I wanted a tool which was effective as well as would help me take the attacker down instantly. I chanced on a 1.5 oz. Wildfire 18% pepper spray which seemed to be called the hottest as well as fastest-reacting self-defense spray available.

A strong pepper spray was only what I was seeking. Being a woman I had to possess a personal protection device which would make up for my lack of physical strength. With its 18% pepper content absolutely no enemy can get in my way.

Hot pepper sprays consist of pure hot pepper that enters quickly into the pores of the skin continues to keep the eyes shut and hinders breathing. All these types of effects are in addition to the overall burning pain caused.

Even though there are numerous sizes to choose from 1/2 oz. to 9 oz. and even 1 pound I made a decision to go with the 1.5 oz. cannister. Its handy and one that I could readily take with me anywhere I go. Plus it comes with a key ring which I can attach my house keys to.

Checking out the internet for what stores sell pepper spray is the simplest way to make a purchase. All pepper sprays are non-lethal weapons so no lifelong injury is inflicted on the target.

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