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How The Elderly Can Safeguard Themselves When Outside The House

Living alone being an elderly man can be hard. To make things worse old individuals are typically preyed upon by young teenaged pickpockets and also thieves. Since they are considerably stronger as well as faster compared to I am I need something to even the odds.

I was keen on pepper spray however could not use a number of the smaller sprays and canisters due to my arthritis. A pal of mine who sells pepper spray told me regarding something known as a pepper gun and offered to let me try one out.

Pepper spray is usually employed by law enforcement agencies since it is able to disable an opponent without producing long term injury. Its non-lethal as well as causes a painful burning experience in the eyes and also on the skin of anyone it touches.

The deal from my friend was a lot smaller than I expected. The Mace pepper gun inside included a single cartridge of pepper spray a battery to power its LED light as well as a cartridge filled with water for testing.

The design of the pepper gun resembled a real gun. It was very easy to grasp had a natural feel to it and didnt worsen my arthritis. This particular one offers an effective range of 25 feet to ensure that I could easily keep my distance from any opponent.

I carry mine within a special holster attached to my belt. From there I could swiftly draw and fire it. In the evening it may be hard to see or aim at an opponent so I make use of the built-in LED light to help me out.

I have had to use it several times and it worked well each and every time. Thanks to this pepper spray gun I no longer have trouble dealing with assailants no matter how young or strong they are.

I wound up getting a pepper gun from my friend and I think that it was worth the cost. Pepper guns can be purchased from anyone who sells pepper spray lawfully be it a person or an organization.

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