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How Secure Is Your New Home?

After many years of hard work my hubby and I have ultimately set up quite a comfortable home in Granada Hills for our 3 youngsters and us two. In lieu of making a small pond or an outdoor sauna we have chosen alert systems to be the so-called final touch to our recently built house.

The kind of system we bought is one that makes use of voice alerts: a sort of early warning system that utilizes detectors transmitters base speakers and taped alert messages.

What we have set up in our own house is the Voice Alert System-6. It includes an annunciator system that allows users to save as much as six different voice alarm messages.

Through the voice alert system we will become notified with our very own voice message in the event the sensors pick up motion within the 6 watched places (zones) that we have assigned.

What I personally consider to be the integral part of the system would be the wireless driveway alarm that we designated to cover zone one. This home driveway alarm notifies me through my own zone-specific message whenever a motor vehicle approaches our driveway.

Zones two until four are the front side and back entrances to our house. We designated a different zone for our basement in case crooks choose to enter from above. Zone six covers our overall front yard.

Rigging up our voice alert system into the other sensing gadgets within our house has also made things much easier and also more reliable. These run from smoke alarms to motion and also CO detectors window/gate/door contacts doorbells and water level indicators.

Hearing my own voice as an alert message grabs my attention effectively without causing panic. I do believe it is the best advantage that our existing voice alarm system gives. I believe that any household starting up with their brand new residences ought to give due regard to alert systems as well as other such products that enhance the security of the house.

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