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How I Protect My Folks From Criminal Attacks

The moment my mother and father transferred to a quiet suburb while I remained behind in the metro area I got to see them a fewer number of occasions annually. They liked to come up to pay a visit to their grandkids yet my wife and I were swamped with work and could hardly return the favor.

The more they settled into their quiet suburban existence the more they became uneasy within the big city. Finally I went to teach my mom and dad how to use pepper spray for self-defense in order to keep them safeguarded throughout their travels to my home.

Defense sprays produce an extreme burning feeling to the skin and the eyes which can reach an incapacitating level of physical pain. In addition they hamper respiration make the eyes to tear up and close off and also cause haywire coughing and gagging.

However the results are non-lethal as well as a short period of time. They fade away within 15 to 40 minutes without causing any kind of irreversible damage. While your attacker is on the floor you ought to snatch the opportunity to flee and dial 9-1-1.

Because my parents had never tried a defense spray ever before I selected a foolproof device. Pepper guns have innovated the way that a pepper solution can be fired out towards a target effectively considering the difficulties presented to the would-be victim.

Firstly the gun-type casing matches your natural instinct for where to point and find the trigger. Generally gun pepper sprays are fashioned so that you can shoot them nonstop a la aerosol from any compromising position such as when the device is inverted.

I bought each parent a Mace pepper gun filled with an OC cartridge that could release 7 long-range blasts onto an assailant 25 feet away. Equipped with a trigger-activated LED light for more precise targeting it also included a water test cartridge.

From the time getting schooled on how to use pepper spray guns to safeguard themselves my parents have dropped in much more times and stayed longer. Funnily enough my mom insists to do the groceries by herself right now in their new town.

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