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How A Self-Defense Tool Helped My Business Survive A Bad Neighborhood

I tried to stretch my initial capital by leasing a commercial space in a middle-income district with a good reputation for gang wars. Immediately though I found that the place remained a target of robbers for quick hits. Definitely no person could possibly tell when.

At this time I could just wish and believe that bad guys would be stopped by the Runt stun gun that I have. Since I started out having it along with me whether Im inside my shop or out I have felt less jittery with regards to doing business in this inadvisable area.

Stun guns offer self-defense by releasing an incapacitating electricity into the body that it touches. Because of this the receiver will endure a short-term loss of stability and of the capability to move the muscles.

The effect is non-lethal and brings about no permanent damage. It fades away soon after 15 to 45 minutes. This is the perfect time for getting away and calling 9-1-1.

High voltage stun guns appeal to me being a lady that wants small margins of error as they lessen the possibility of an assaulter being able to stand up to an electric shock. Few stand a chance from volts by the millions.

Even though options of 2.5 million volts and in black are up for grabs a 4.5 million volts pink Runt stun gun does it for me. It is a mere 3 1/2 inches in height and no trouble to lug around within the free heavy-duty nylon belt loop holster which was included with it.

Every woman 18 and above should have a small stun gun no contest. It makes sense being held by a smaller hand. Whenever you can hold your weapon to keep it out of sight the bad guy would have no idea of what is coming for him.

So far the Runt stun gun that accompanies me everytime I go has warded off a security threat on a few occasions. At least once I was with one of my staff and what she saw later inspired her to buy a self-defense stun gun for herself.

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