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Helping Loved Ones Safeguard Themselves From Assailants

When my partner was attacked on her way home coming from work I held myself responsible for what happened. I was supposed to fetch her that evening however was suddenly called into a dinner meeting. To be able to avert a situation similar to this from taking place once more I decided to get her a personal protection device.

I searched for choices online and discover a stun gun flashlight. During my search I discovered that a stun gun emits an electric shock towards the body of the receiver on immediate contact. This particular shock is going to bring the opponent to the ground offering enough time to escape.

Given its capabilities I was certain that a stun flashlight would be strong enough to help keep my girlfriend protected in the event that an opponent struck once again. It was essential that I found her a security gadget with which she could defend herself easily.

As further reassurance all stun devices are non-lethal weapons. This means that any effects brought on are short-term and simply no permanent injury is caused on the target. Knowing all that should put my girlfriend at ease when carrying a stun device.

When I found a Stun Master 3.5 million volt rechargeable stun gun with flashlight I knew that it is going to be perfect. It is very slim has a safety switch and fits easily in small hands. Since high voltage stun guns like this give off around a million volts or even more defense is quicker.

This kind of powerful stun gun included a nickel-cadmium rechargeable battery as well as a charger. The main benefit of rechargeable stun guns is that you will not need to worry repeatedly about having the battery changed.

In addition flashlight stun guns are doubtless helpful for night use. They help provide a better aim at the assailant as well.

Buying a stun gun flashlight for my partner helped put me at ease. Being aware that she has a personal safety gadget in her possession makes me feel positive that she can protect herself whenever up against an assailant.

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