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Help With Protecting Yourself Against Bullies

My daddy left my mommy and me while I was still a child. I didnt have a father figure and was typically referred to as a wimp. I often see my mom hurting over that but she had other problems to handle as well.

High school was the toughest for me. I would return home with cuts as well as bruises from fights. After landing in the emergency room I understood it couldnt go on that way always. It was time for me to learn the best martial art for self defense.

A relative of mine recommended that I look into instructional fighting videos. He explained that he was able to protect himself effectively from an attack making use of strategies that he grabbed from Street Safe I. Here Paul Vunak teaches a simple hand-to-hand fighting technique for defense.

Seeing as the self-defense video worked great for my cousin I decided to test it out. It appears that these DVDs are a good tool which regular guys just like me can make use of for protection.

I normally ended up in fights but didnt usually wind up winning. So when I came across Fight to Win by Jim West I understood that it would be perfect for me. I discovered different fighting techniques just like the basics of punching.

In the beginning I was thinking that street-fighting videos would be hard to understand however I was wrong. I would say I got the worst type of fighting capabilities then. Right now I actually have a chance to win.

The moment a good friend of mine in college was attacked I made a decision to share my secret. I bought him Fast and Furious Street Smarts from Jacov Bresler. With this he could defend himself from anybody who crosses his path.

All along all I needed was motivation to learn the best martial art for self defense. I wish I had found these training videos earlier. As soon as I recently found myself in a fight again I am proud to say that it was the other guy who was left inside the ER.

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