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Help With Guarding Against Invasive Home Intrusion

Whenever you live in the city you get accustomed to living with a certain element of danger. There is usually the risk that you might be shot while going for walks out there carjacked on the street or mugged while on the bus.

But no matter where you reside you should never have to worry about or deal with home intrusion. Homes must be safe places and there are plenty of methods to safeguard yours. One such way of protection is a glass breakage alarm against forced entries.

I got myself one of these small alarms designed generally for attaching to glass windows or doors. Whenever activated any kind of shocks or vibration causes the item that I have to go off. It will make a 100-decibel alarm for 30 seconds and this will warn any person close by of any possible break-in.

A vibration alarm also complements a full home security system. The latter normally connects into your home phone line and notifies the police whenever the alarm is tripped.

I purchased several of the same alarm for use inside my home and linked these to every window on the first floor. Nobody can get to the next floor mainly because we do not keep anything like garbage cans or boxes around our home.

At first my wife was to some degree skeptical about my breakage alarms. She was not sold on the idea that this buzzer as she referred to it would drive away a thief. However she didnt desire to waste the purchase and was open to new ideas so we pressed on.

In the first couple of months of usage we came across no serious troubles and the intruder alarms were never tripped. However one night at 3 in the morning a man wearing black tapped lightly on our living room window and set off the alarm.

Upon hearing the loud buzzing noise coming from the glass breakage alarm he fled the scene. We called the cops and explained what went down and they apprehended the suspect soon afterward.

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