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Guidelines In Purchasing A Taser Lawfully In California

I reside in Los Angeles where I have a night job. Every time I go to work I must go by a particular area in Huntington Park that is known to be quite unsafe. Well I did not believe so until I bore witness to a horrible crime while I was driving a car by.

Fortunately I was unscathed but since thought of getting myself a Taser for protection. An associate stressed though that I learn about California Taser regulations just before I obtain this self-defense tool.

By definition California Taser laws classify a Taser as a stun gun. Tasers generally employ the technology of stun guns but with additional range. This addition is available in the form of projectile wires 15 feet long. The wires lodge on a target to deliver electric energy from a secure distance.

Tasers operate just as efficiently without employing the projectile wires. The close-quarter counterattack is done much like that with a stun gun. Any point of contact will make sure the incapacitation of the enemy.

Right now California Taser laws allow the use of all forms of stun guns and their implements so long as a number of conditions are achieved. These conditions include the acts of selling procuring and using the mentioned devices.

Each Taser stun gun for sale needs to have the name of the maker stamped on it. The serial number applied by the manufacturer should also be present. This self-defense weapon cannot be sold to folks that have been convicted. Individuals with drug issues or mental issues cant buy a stun gun within the state of California. Sale to kids below the age of 18 is illegal.

Having a Taser should be in line with self-defense practices and by no means shall be utilized to help an attack. Medical employees should report to authorities any injury borne out of a Taser. Moreover Tasers arent authorized within courtrooms except when carried by a licensed law officer that has clearance.

Actually I acquired all these coming from a booklet that the seller provided as soon as I acquired a Taser. Needless to say California Taser laws allow me the means to protect myself from danger.

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