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Giving A Loved One A Means Of Defense When In Danger

Being in a serious relationship with an admirals girl I get extremely touchy with regards to never permitting the tiniest fly near her. Although it was never a concern Im fussing over it now that I am gearing up for asking her daddy for her hand in marriage.

I dont want the dad hearing of any accident which imperiled his girl prior to the day we have The Talk. It is no small task. To begin with I needed to enlighten her on pepper spray effectiveness so as not to be met with protest as soon as I finally got her one.

Fifty percent of my own issues concerning her safety would go away in a snap in case my girlfriend agreed to use a defense spray. It can bring about a debilitating degree of burning pain on the skin and in the eyes.

In addition strong pepper sprays restrict breathing and also incite heavy coughing and gagging by inflaming the mucous membranes. Furthermore they force the eyes to close shut by simply aggravating the eye veins.

I guaranteed my near-fiancee that was raised inside naval bases that these types of non-lethal effects dont result in any kind of long lasting impairment. Theyre non permament and remain for a good 30 minutes at which time she had better run away as well as obtain help.

My interests were fixed on buying her a Pepper Shot because its heat tipped the scales at 2 million Scoville heat units. This kind of 10% pepper spray was concocted using a very fine grain believed to do better than the coarse grains used in most any defense spray.

Eventually I provided my bride-to-be a Pepper Shot pepper spray tri-pack. It consisted of a 2 oz. pepper spray with wall mount for keeping inside the house 1/2 oz. pepper spray with auto visor clip in order to keep within a vehicle as well as 1/2 oz. pepper spray with Quick Key Release key chain.

She thought the tri-pack pepper spray was a good deal as soon as she learned the packaged price. Convinced of pepper spray effectiveness because of my own experience with one I feel like I have won half the battle by giving her with the same.

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