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Fighting An Assailant From Out Of Harms Way

A telescopic stun baton is the lengthy as well as retractable edition of the regular self defense stun gun. Seemingly it could provide the owner the good advantage of striking his target coming from a risk-free range.

A few baton stun guns could be prolonged for about 21.5 inches long from their normal size of 13 inches only. Their expanding characteristic eliminates the necessity to go near any opponent to be able to incapacitate him with a non deadly weapon.

Retractable stun batons can be utilized in their complete length by simply pressing a trigger button. Whenever completely extended the exposed metal part is often electrified in order that it becomes impossible for a perpetrator of crime to catch the weapon from you.

Just like just about any self defense stun gun an extendable stun baton can stop a wrongdoer on his paths by sending electrical shocks to his body as soon as hit. For instance the Stun Master 800000 volt telescopic stun baton could paralyze an opponent for 20 to 45 minutes.

Exactly what makes a retractable stun baton the better self defense stun gun is that its span alone can intimidate an assailant. This could probably stop him from having his ideas into action.

When searching for a stun baton the expandable and retractable feature should not be neglected. This will afford you a lengthier reach to ensure that you can easily strike the culprit with an electrical charge without getting closer to him. It also becomes a handy tool whenever retracted.

This kind of self defense stun gun is sold with other valuable features also. You will find baton stun guns equipped with a built-in flashlight to help you find the way in dark areas and an alarm that you could switch on to notify the individuals close by of difficulty.

When you are concerned with being electrocuted while making use of a tactical stun baton you should not be. Even when your enemy touches you while he is being electrically shocked you could untangle yourself securely. It uses non-conductive substance to avoid the user from taking in an electrical shock.

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