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Features Of An Effective Personal Safety Device I Could Use To Defend Myself Whenever Walking Home Alone At Night

I have been on a continuous lookout for self-defense weapons soon after a good friend was robbed and left for dead only a block away from her flat. As I informed my partner, I had a tough time going out at night after the incident even the moment I was walking my own dog.

After a week of fearful nights, I made a decision to surf the net for an effective personal safety tool and I discovered a review of a number of the strongest pepper spray products out there.

Pepper spray is a non-lethal device that can disable an assailant momentarily because it causes a burning sensation on the eyes as well as on the parts of the body which the spray has come in contact with. This offers the victim enough time to get away from his or her enemy.

Moreover, a strong pepper spray can block respiration, cause choking as well as coughing, and make the eyes to tear up.

Ordinary pepper spray has a 10% concentration of pepper while hot pepper spray comes with an 18% dose of pepper. This makes it a lot more strong because it carries a greater content of pepper that could make the skin react faster to the spray.

Completely content with the details that I read, I bought Wildfire 18% pepper spray on the web. It is already considered one of the most quick-performing defense sprays because of its content, which is, 18% oleoresin capsicum. This compound results in a quick reaction on the skin as well as in the eyes, and on the respiratory system also.

I chose among various sizes, from 1/2 ounce to 1.5 ounces, 4 ounces, 9 ounces, and a pound. I ended up buying a 4-ounce pepper spray stream.

It has been 30 days from the time I acquired my hot pepper spray, and my pals and I have been talking about which of our recently acquired defense sprays is better. Despite the fact that we have not utilized them yet, all of us agreed that the strongest pepper spray ought to be able to carry out its main purpose well, and that is to keep one safe from enemies.

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