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Exactly What You Ought To Find Out About The Advantages Of High Voltage Stun Guns

Normal stun guns are meant to disable wrongdoers effectively in the event of emergencies. But high voltage stun guns or the ones that utilize stun gun voltage of a million or more may be much more useful when bringing down a target.

A low voltage stun gun may need to be discharged repeatedly before reaching maximum self-defense results. In comparison more powerful stun gun voltage would suggest that the stun device is capable of incapacitating an opponent momentarily with only a fewer strikes.

Moreover a stun gun releasing higher voltage could usually make a far more frightening noise as well once fired. This will work to scare off the assaulters further. It may also be ideal for bigger assaulters because of the more powerful electric shock that it could dump on the targets body.

It is essential to note though that strong stun guns much like normal stun guns that discharge lesser voltages are all non fatal weapons for self-defense. They will just cause short term damage and not provide life-threatening effects.

A high voltage stun gun could take a harmful troublemaker down by releasing stun gun voltage in the range of millions or thereabouts. A half a second strike of electric shock will lead to pain associated with muscle contractions.

Meanwhile a one to two second-long blast may cause the assailant to fall down become confused and get muscle spasms. On the other hand a full three or more seconds of shots from a strong stun gun will take just about any attacker down immediately and leave him dazed and disabled for several minutes.

Stun gun voltage can vary from 50000 up to 4 million volts or more with the stronger stun guns being at the higher end of the array. Regularly though stun guns offer more than power in numbers.

The 4.5 million volt Stun Master multi-function stun gun as an example comes equipped too with additional options like a 110 dB alarm a LED flashlight red strobe lights and also a disable pin.

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