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Exactly How To Utilize A Disguised Stun Gun Effectively

For a self-defense weapon a lipstick stun gun would be perfect for ladies as it is a camouflaged stun gun. That is it appears deceptively like lipstick. Stun guns are all non-lethal and will not cause virtually any long term effects to an enemy.

A stun gun functions to disable an opponent in the short term by administering electric shock right to the attackers body. Once he is struck you will have a couple of minutes to get away and call for backup.

Disguised stun guns are competent at offering you the element of surprise. Think about it who would believe that a very simple tube of lipstick is truly a stun gun in disguise?

A lipstick stun gun is extremely helpful because of its small size that is usually within the 3-inch range. You can put it in your purse or hide it in your pocket for faster reach in emergency conditions.

Lipsticks pretending to be stun guns have various specifications. A disguised stun gun that is also very practical would have a rechargeable built-in battery with an integrated charge much like Stun Masters line of high voltage rechargeable lipstick stun guns.

Good disguised stun guns are also incorporated with 2 handy buttons. One button is good for switching on the stun gun while the other button is for flipping on a flashlight. In this context a lipstick stun gun with a built-in flashlight is further among the finest options since undoubtedly almost all attacks take place right after evening falls.

In addition another helpful feature that you would want your mini stun gun to have is a disable pin. Such a pin is normally connected to a wrist strap and found at the bottom portion of a lipstick stun gun.

This important feature is used to stop even a high voltage stun gun from working when a wrongdoer gets a hold of your unit. As soon as this happens the attached disable pin is going to be pulled out immediately when the stun gun is taken away from your grasp.

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