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Effective Way Of Safeguarding Yourself When Outdoors

I am a strong-willed girl. I head out anywhere I like at any time I please and can take care of myself thanks. Bad guys can stay out of my way if they really know what is good for them.

Or so I figured until one evening coming home. Over a dimly lit street a big guy came at me out of an alley holding a knife. I ran fast thus I got away. However I realized I simply got lucky. I began thinking then about personal security devices for self defense.

A woman friend who is a police officer confirmed with me that personal security alarms are good for scaring attackers off. The racket they make can attract attention to you and what is taking place and can enable you to get help faster. Moreover they are only intended for personal protection. These are effective weapons but non-lethal.

I decided that a small personal alarm with belt clip is going to be best for me. It is easy to operate and its compact style makes it easy to put on or slide into your pocket or purse. It may also be attached to a key chain. It might be small however its 101 dB alarm certainly is not and ought to send an attacker running.

Compared to firearms or knives personal safety alarms have advantages. You dont require training or a license so that even my younger sister or my granny can carry one. They do now.

I have found that growing up in a city does not mean that you can deal with violence without additional equipment. When you are assaulted your street smarts could end immediately.

Our place is one of the most unsafe cities the Feds say. The U.S. crime rate has dropped but not where I live. That is the reason why personal protection is a lot more important.

When walking alone the usual safety measures still apply. I stay away from dimly lit alleys and come home late at night only if Im together with friends. But now personal security devices have granted me as well as my sister and granny an even greater dose of protection. Even my father and also brother could each utilize one.

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