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Effective Strategy To Make Sure Your House Is A Safer Place To Come Home To

On the very day I purchased a wireless home security sensor I experienced firsthand how it works. I can never forget the time despite the fact that I had been in the middle of a lot of things to do that time.

To cut down on cost I have had to live in an area that is less than secure by present days standards. I told myself that it was just for a brief time and a means to an end.

I set up a HomeSafe wireless security sensor before going to work. I already knew that its alarm is triggered as soon as the double sensors sense any activity or vibration on the window or door being protected.

Just as instructed I screwed the base to the window frame and attached the actuator to the door. Should somebody so much as lean on the window its radio frequency would immediately transmit a signal wirelessly to the base unit and sound the alarm within a maximum range of 300 feet.

I can completely depend on a sensor-equipped alarm to guard my homes entry points. I have sliding windows that can be opened without much effort so it was the very first place I thought of the moment I purchased the alarming device.

Sure enough a rowdy rough boy in the area made an effort to pry my window open right on the day I installed the safety alarm. Its 110-decibel siren was loud enough to get the attention of my neighbors who then rushed over to my place.

One quickly contacted 911. I was thankful that she had her wits about her in spite of a close encounter with my intruder. She caught the person leaping from my windowsill to an emergency ladder close by. I was in disbelief when I received a police call in the middle of my hectic day.

Without my wireless home security sensor set up nobody would have been alerted to there being someone already trying to sneak into my house. However Im relieved that I was not home at that time and avoided any dangerous confrontation with the wrongdoer.

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