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Effective Strategy Of Defending Oneself Outside The House When Your Approaching Your Senior Years

My aunt that is in her 50s is beginning to become a little bit paranoid. Shes always suspicious of other individuals who give her so much as a glance. So as soon as her 54th birthday was just around the corner I checked on the web for any cheap stun guns so that I can give her one as a present.

As soon as the special day arrived and she opened her present she was a bit puzzled. I explained to her that stun guns are non-lethal weapons but they could disarm a target briefly to give her enough time to run away from her enemy.

She asked with a bit of hesitation in her voice how it could possibly stop an assailant. I told her that a stun gun would deliver an electrical shock when it comes in contact with the assailants body.

What I provided her specifically was a Z-Force stun gun. This low voltage stun gun has 100000 volts only which provides a mild electric shock which lessens the likelihood that the assailant might get really really hurt. Another option which I saw was a 300000-volt stun gun still low voltage as compared to other stun gadgets having a million volts or so.

I added that her brand new small stun gun is handy too. Due to its size it can easily fit into her purse or even in the pocket of her jeans.

When walking home by herself during the night cant be prevented I told my auntie that she should always be ready thus have her slim stun gun in her hand . Because it is little and also easy to hold it may be very easily hidden within the palm. And if by any chance she gets mugged her attacker would be completely surprised with what hit him or her.

I reminded my auntie never to get crazy with paranoia given that she has a stun gun with her. She should not just stun anyone that she suspects though. I also gave her the contact details of the shop I came across which offered cheap stun guns in the event that she needed another one or even perhaps an extra one.

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