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Effective Strategy For University Students To Fend Off Danger

Living faraway from my parents has been very hard for me and for my mom and daddy also. I am a sophomore college student residing in a dormitory and 2 years of being away from my loved ones has been nothing but a challenge. I have needed to look after my own and find out how to be independent.

On my parents part they have always been worried for my own security just like me getting back home coming from school at night or accomplishing projects until way late at friends houses. Therefore as a safety precaution my parents recommended I acquire a personal alarm system to make sure that I continue to be protected even on my own.

Personal alarms are useful as well as practical for scaring criminal offenders away as they draw attention towards you and put you in the spotlight so that other people know what is going on. Besides a personal alarm is a non-lethal form of personal protection getting you the assistance you require without causing injury to others.

A great example is the mini personal alarm with key chain and belt clip which I ended up getting. Its sleek and also small which makes it easy to carry around.

Even though small in stature this personal safety alarm can give off 101 dB of sound which will call the attention of people within a 100-meter radius.

My mini alarm is no hassle to activate and also deactivate with only one click of a button. Portable alarms like these are handy for students like me to bring around because they can fit conveniently inside a pocket or handbag.

Moreover personal security alarms are inexpensive that makes them smart purchases for young people just like myself. Theyre cheaper and also more practical as compared to many other safe self-defense weapons.

With a personal alarm system tucked someplace within my bag or pocket I do not need to bother about a wrongdoer attacking me. More importantly this provides my parents peace of mind and assurance that Im protected even though Im not with them.

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