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Effective Strategies Of Storing Money And Jewelry Inside A Dormitory

The moment I found out about using a hollowed out book safe to hold my belongings, I stopped using a normal safe for the job. Being a college dormer, I previously had a small cash safe which had a strong lock. Sadly, even that got broken into one night.

I was in the library cramming for a big test and did not go back to my room until around 12 midnight. My roommate was also out hanging out with her friends. As soon as I opened the door, I realized that something was completely wrong.

Our clothes as well as possessions were scattered all over the place. As I reached my bedside, I saw that my safe was broken and my cash was gone.

Diversion safes are better to utilize compared to conventional ones given that burglars are more likely to focus on places where cash is commonly kept. They would not have a look at a 7up soda can diversion safe for money. Concealing money in locations that can be concealed in plain sight is a lot more effective that way.

I found out about these kinds of safes from my sibling. He bought for himself a beer can safe for his fraternity house. He showed me exactly how to order one online and where I could keep my own hiding safe.

Looking on the web, I came across a book safe and was intrigued. The manufacturers use a real book and carve out a concealed section within the pages, large enough for my valuable items but small enough to be unnoticeable. Its innate design would fool any would-be robbers.

There were also other products that I found interesting like a hairbrush diversion safe. Needless to say, my brand new hiding place gave me more confidence about the security of my belongings.

With my hollowed out book safe, I need not worry about keeping it hidden. Even on my shelf or table, it would still be helpful in concealing my money and jewelry from possible thieves.

the best place to hide anything is in plain sight

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