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Effective Solutions To Hide Personal Items

I have never been too trusting of men and women I know nothing about. So as soon as I went off to college and needed to share a dorm room with a complete stranger I was not too delighted regarding it. Nevertheless there was nothing I can do.

As soon as several of my personal belongings started to go missing I had nobody else to blame but my roommate. Obviously I could not flat out accuse her. My older sister suggested that I obtain a clever but cheap safe to keep my belongings safe.

I wasnt pretty certain that I would find affordable safes as I knew that the regular safes were costly. For this reason I was so pleased to have stumbled upon a Cherry 7UP can safe. It had an excellent disguise as a soda can and fit my finances.

Diversion safes are hiding safes which seem to look like regular things. Thieves trying to steal from you will not bother looking in such everyday products making them ideal for keeping your cash and jewelry hidden.

Considering that my dorm mate knew that my snacks were off limits I felt certain that a Pringles can safe would blend in and go untouched. She definitely wouldnt suspect that a bag of potato chips contained anything valuable.

It is extremely reasonable to hide things in plain sight. The good thing about these covert safes is that they are not merely disguised cunningly but also much more economical than the conventional safes that arent often effective.

A hair brush diversion safe comes across just as naturally with my belongings. It looks so normal that no one looking for expensive items to filch would ever think to pick it up.

I am happy that I came across a cheap safe that works much more effectively compared to a pricier one. Being a college student I cant manage to lose any more cash. None that I have hidden in a secret safe has gone missing and I feel certain that it will stay that way.

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