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Effective Method Of Keeping Your Little Girl Secure Within The Big City

The moment my little girl announced that she is going to be transferring to Manhattan I was both happy and afraid. I was delighted simply because she was starting to realize her desires turning into a journalist and scared that she would be living so far away from home without anyone to look after her.

I know that the streets of New York are not like the streets in Connecticut. The former have more people roaming even during the night and break-ins and rapes are usually reported on the news. So several weeks before my daughter moved I purchased a catalog for door alarms considering that I planned to purchase one for her apartment.

After reading the catalog I decided to get an annunciator system. This is a voice alarm gadget wherein the user could record a short message that will blare out each time intrusive movement is found.

On the scheduled day of the move my better half and I accompanied our little girl to her new home. I installed the Voice Alert System-6 which I purchased and told her how to utilize it: she just has to record a message which will serve as a voice alarm whenever another person tries to get into her apartment.

I added that this home/driveway alarm allows her to record six voice alerts which can be utilized for six different places. She could record the initial message for her primary door the second for the fire exit window and the like.

Voice alerts give an element of surprise to an enemy. You could request a male friend your brother or your daddy to record a message for you since a mans voice can more quickly discourage an burglar.

Tools that run on voice alerts also offer an even more personal touch to security systems. Furthermore they can be placed anywhere inside the house or even outdoors.

It has been more than a year from the time our daughter has transferred. Today we see door alarms cropping up almost everywhere helping every person have a peaceful night of sleep.

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