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Effective Method Of Keeping The Internet Secure For Children

As a mother of a ten-year-old as well as a 7 year old I am quite concerned with how they access the family PC. I was suggested to purchase Internet safety software which could help me on that matter.

I discovered child-safe Web browsers that were made specifically for kids. The common playful as well as vibrant interface is designed to be interactive as well as kid-friendly. They normally work on any of Mac and Windows computers. These types of Web browsers for kids have a simple and easy navigation menu which enables the kids to get around having little guidance from their mother and father.

The KIDS netSafe Web browser that I chose features a pop-up as well as adult content blocker that prevents the kids from accessing detrimental Internet sites. It has pre-loaded Barbie Nickelodeon and PBS Kids internet sites too. With this kind of browser the parents can obtain a seven-day history of the visited Internet sites at any given time. The parents could even delete the address bar in order that the children cannot take a look at more websites.

Before I purchased my safe Web browser for kids I was stunned to find plenty of Web sites which were not fit for kids in the family computers browser history. The finding alarmed me so I went on purchasing the child-safe Web browser which I saw recently.

I informed my children that they were not allowed to access sites that were not ideal for their age. I likewise informed them that if they desired to perform some additional research on the net they ought to ask for my assistance.

Peer pressure is often the reason that children try to browse through restricted websites today. And I feel my children are going through that stage.

One day I had to make a grocery run. I left my hubby in the garage and the children in front of the PC. I changed the parent password before they could access the internet.

When I came home somehow I felt more secure. It feels better to be aware that Internet safety software can help you become a much more responsible and caring parent.

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