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Effective Method Of Keeping Oneself Safe After Working Hours

I am a struggling theater performer with emphasis on struggling. Because of the shortage of parts given to me I work as a bartender within a pub two blocks from my apartment for my day to day needs.

Normally my work requires me to stay out late into the evening. Thus my own roomie continued telling me to obtain the best personal defense weapon that I could find in order to be on the safe side.

One night (well it was really 2 in the morning) while I was walking back towards my apartment coming from work I discovered a poster with regards to an upcoming play in the neighborhood theater. I went near to it to check the audition details when I all of a sudden discovered 2 huge guys walking in my direction. It was too late nevertheless. I was mugged.

As soon as I got back home I woke up my own roomie and recounted what had occurred. Together we searched on the net for an effective personal defense gadget that was authorized within our state of New York. This meant that defense spray and stun guns were out of the running.

What I got in mind for an effective weapon was something so little that it could be concealed easily within my hand. It also not better run on batteries given that I rarely remember to charge my cell phone let alone a personal defense gizmo.

When we found the Heart Attack key chain on the web we realized quickly that this was the one I was searching for. I can put it between my fingers before punching or striking an assailant.

Since it is made from tough plastic and shaped just like a heart and thus has a pointed tip my assailant will find himself or herself doubled up in pain. Furthermore the Heart Attack possesses a small hole which allows me attach it to a key chain ring for quick access.

Now I can definitely say that the best personal defense weapon comes in a small package.

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