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Effective Means Of Safeguarding Yourself From An Unfriendly Dog

In order to keep myself fit I run for around five kilometers each morning. However our area is full of dogs that bark at me whenever I pass by their homes. There are even occasions when I have to change my course since some dogs chase after me.

Getting a shot for a dog bite is a bit expensive. And although it is covered by my health insurance I do not want to get bitten by a dog simply put. So if I would like to keep on running I needed to purchase the ideal form of self-protection just like dog pepper spray in particular.

A dog spray is non-lethal to both dogs as well as humans although it should never be used on the latter. Also pepper spray intended for humans shouldnt be used versus canines.

A dog repellent is a non-combative tool for self-defense. That is it does not provoke a dog to assault you. Rather it wards it off.

What I wanted was something that was approved by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to be sure that it was certainly risk-free for dogs.

I checked on the net for effective dog sprays which were EPA-approved and came across the Mace Muzzle dog repellent. It was claimed to be suitable for use by mailmen joggers cyclists newspaper boys and delivery guys.

This defense spray for dogs has a flip-top safety cap in order to prevent any unintentional discharge. It could spray up to a distance of eight to ten feet so you can take comfort in realizing that the dog will not need to be as close to you as possible before you spray on it. The 17-gram cylinder features 10 one-second bursts. Thus in case your aim is inaccurate you can have one more go at it.

The morning after the dog pepper spray was brought to my home I began taking it beside me each time I ran. Now I can jog anywhere I would like as well as just change routes every time I want.

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