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Effective Means Of Safeguarding Oneself In A Fight

Working in a club has been fun but at the same time being around drunken guys is not always a good thing. Drunken guys seem to think that the answer to everything would be to pick a fight and I somewhat often get caught up in one.

Being a slim guy I did not know any fighting techniques. But in order to defend myself I understood I needed to get my act together. I browsed online for options and was delighted as soon as I found instructional fighting DVDs particularly one by Paul Vunak on rapid assault tactics.

I found out that these types of street-fighting videos give different self-defense techniques that are helpful for stopping attackers. Thus in case somebody attempts to start a fight within the club I can defend myself.

After trying out the DVD I was amazed with how easy it was to learn. Every single move he taught shows how to cause excruciating blinding pain in your foe. He teaches three basic rules that will help anybody turn into a master in fighting.

Im not just as strong as big men around but that did not make a difference because I didnt need to be fast or strong to be able to learn the techniques in the self-defense video. With an interactive DVD just like it I truly felt like I was training opposite Vunak which helped me learn quicker.

What I noticed with these types of instructional fighting videos was that they give non-traditional fighting techniques. With such techniques youll have the upper hand against your attacker. Furthermore you can perfect these skills without the need of any past fighting experience.

I do not have a lot of time to spend on this given that I have work and other things to take care of. But amazingly by committing myself to studying the techniques from the self-defense DVD I was able to get everything in a few hours.

With my chosen video on rapid assault tactics I feel positive that I can safeguard myself in case a fight pops up. More importantly I can help other people who need defending against attackers.

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