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Effective But Low-priced Method Of Providing Security To A Condominium

As soon as I received a big promotion at work I put up enough funds to pay for a condominium unit of my own. Soon after weeks of searching I managed to get one which was very near my office.

The building where I live in Chicago has great security however this is not enough for me to ignore the security inside my apartment. I searched online shops for security systems for home protection which I could find the money for and use easily.

I came across a HomeSafe wireless home security system and thought to try it out. The package contained a base unit with an adaptor a door/window sensor with a range of 250 feet for wireless transmission a motion detector which could sense motion for approximately eight yards and also a remote contol.

Normally with motion detector security systems such as this once the motion detector or even the window/door sensor notices activity inside its area of protection it is going to activate the alarm. In case the homeowners are within the area then the remote can be utilized to conveniently turn the audio off.

If the home owners are away and the alarm is triggered the base unit is going to be triggered to contact as much as five pre-programmed telephone numbers. These telephone numbers may be the owners mobile number the neighborhood cops the building manager or anyone that could react promptly to the situation.

The person who answers the call will hear a prerecorded message that offers him 3 choices of a reaction. These are to listen in on activity within the room broadcast his voice over the base unit or disarm the home security system alarm.

I installed the sensor on the primary door while I put the motion detector on the wall facing the whole living area. I always make sure to switch on my security alarm system before heading out.

I now discover that the utilization of wireless security systems for home protection may be a simple but effective way to protect ones household from robbers and strangers.

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