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Defending Oneself While Commuting Home In The Evening

I am going to begin work in a diner and as the newcomer I am going to be stuck with the evening shift for a while. The neighborhood in which I reside in isnt precisely the safest location after dark thus I am thinking that I may need something for protection.

I am quite set on getting this particular personal protection tool I once saw online however what is pepper spray good for during an assault? Considering that it is my safety on the line I wish to be certain that what I am going to acquire works well in keeping me away from danger.

As I search more on the web I have found that a pepper spray gives an agonizing burning pain within the face of the receiver. This discomfort will incapacitate the target for a few moments providing the would-be prey an opportunity to get away.

Im hoping to get Mace 10% pepper foam. Its proven to blind an attacker briefly plus it consists of UV dye that marks the target in order to make it easy for the cops to recognize him.

Pepper foam covers an attackers face which makes it hard for him to see. In the event the attacker attempts to wipe the foam away the pepper is crushed into his skin and eyes. Foam pepper spray also provides a good range at 8 to 10 feet.

Apart from the overall burning effect Ive discovered that hot pepper sprays have high pepper content to cause a lot more pain. These bring about obstructed respiration choking coughing and nonstop tearing and keeps the eyes shut.

Another good thing I have discovered is the fact that all pepper sprays are non-lethal weapons. This implies that their effects are short-term and wont cause the target long term damage.

While I have a fairly clear thought of precisely what personal safety gadget to obtain what is pepper spray ideally utilized for when you are up against an opponent? The moment I make a purchase I hope that I will be able to defend myself from an assailant on my way home after work every night.

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