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Creative Approaches To Hide Belongings Inside A Shared House

When I was younger I watched my dad conceal 100-dollar bills inside hardcover textbooks. I do that these days except that I utilize an actual safe which looks like a book. Plus the textbooks and first edition novels which I own make book safe compartments blend in beautifully on my shelves.

Staying in a shared household with 5 other gentlemen makes it hard to install a wall safe like you see in movies. That is the key reason why I utilize diversion safes or safes that appear to be like typical objects and put my belongings all over my place just like my dad.

We dont live in the best of locations. We reside in the center of the city where rent can be divided uniformly and cheaply among six college students. Taking added precaution from robbers petty thieves and also even friends of friends is necessary.

My roommates and I usually throw celebrations. Often those who attend are strangers however I feel secured towards drunken guests who may stumble into my room and go through my things. They wont find my belongings inside my sock drawer.

Ive got a flowerpot safe which sits in the corner of my room and also securely holds about $3000 in cash. It has been storing a dying fern for ages that my ex-girlfriend gave me to care for. No one who comes in will think that I will have my money in there.

There are a lot of hidden safes available that look like Pringles cans or Maxwell House Coffee cans. But mainly because we university students are always feeling hungry food-looking safes arent the best choices for us.

I opt for hiding spots which people particularly burglars would not even consider about. My wall socket safe is yet another great example. Given that every single room features a wall socket who will think the one behind my bed keeps just about any cash?

With the variety of realistic-looking diversion safes available several make book safe containers look really inconspicuous. Be certain to choose ones which would match perfectly with your way of life home decor and even your diet!

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