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Stun Guns

Avoid Legal Problems By Learning Your Stun Gun Laws

The dark draws numerous troublemakers. Being helpless when an attacker suddenly jumps on you is not a nice scenario. When you are always having a …

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Personal Alarms

Effective Strategy For University Students To Fend Off Danger

Living faraway from my parents has been very hard for me and for my mom and daddy also. I am a sophomore college student residing …

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Self Defense

Effective And Also Easy Strategy Of Defending Oneself From Threat

Defending your life isnt something that you can place a schedule on. You have to be ready to do it all the time. In those …

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Pepper Spray

Tips On Exactly How Not To Become Sufferers Of Campus Crimes

I was the wealthy child during high school and drove noticeably expensive wheels. I might have been picked on for that were it not that …

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Home Protection

Keeping Your Residence Safe Using A Cheap Home Security System

Early this year I was anxious regarding leaving the house to visit Cape Cod for a trip but my partner assured me that he was …

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Self Defense

The Perfect Self-Defense Steps To Safeguard Oneself

I was robbed several weeks ago. The memory of getting held at gunpoint the feel of the cold metal of handgun on my head continues …

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