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Best Manner Of Protecting Your Shop From Bad Guys

I run a big department store which is frequented by a large number of customers every day. Towards the end of a previous month there was an increase in violent weapon-based criminal activity. So in the interest of our customers we resolved to take preventative measures.

In addition to upgrading our security system we went ahead and bought new security metal detectors. The toughest part of that process was having to compare metal detectors on the market but in the long run we decided on Garrett handheld metal detectors.

Our plan was made up of several phases the most important of which would be to set up manned security stations at each and every entrance to our store. The guards positioned there would be responsible for scanning each of the customers to our store as they enter.

Each of the security stations would be split into 2 lines one for males and the other for girls. The guards are there to single out shoppers for carrying contraband items and to take whatever action is important whether it be throwing them out of the store or contacting the cops.

We made a decision to utilize handheld security metal detectors mainly because we felt that they would allow us much more flexibility than the standard standing metal detectors. Of the models which we got to choose from we picked the CSI Pro-Pointer.

It showcased both a vibrating and audible alarm and an LED flashlight for low-light usage. It also came built with a highly sensitive tuner that was effective at detecting most metallic objects within its range such as shell casings or projectiles.

Since we were not making use of a fixed metal detector our guards were able to scan individuals much more thoroughly. This allowed us to find contraband a lot more accurately that may have been missed using a fixed metal detector.

When searching for a robust solution it is essential that you compare metal detectors to determine which one fits your needs. Not all security metal detectors are built the same way and some might be better for you than others.

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