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Benefits Of Using The Hottest Stun Batons To Defend Against Enemies

A regeneration of surefire methods of self-defense is being made in order that they could function adequately in todays society. A new stun gun baton specifically offers a different mode of defense.

Basically this completely new stun gun is available in the design of a baton. A baton was once a wooden type of self-defense weapon usually carried by cops. Todays baton has been incorporated with stun gun features.

The stun baton is currently encased in a strong and light material that makes sure easy handling. In some instances its retracting rod makes it simple to carry around while walking or jogging or in bags and also vehicles.

The extendable baton lengthens with a quick touch of a button. The length of the rod becomes energized with electrical power and can be used to stun enemies.

New stun gun technology assures a maximum stunning effect. The baton stun gun only needs to be placed in contact with the assailants body. Three to five seconds of contact will deliver ideal results.

The voltage emitted by this latest self-defense weapon will affect impulses in the body. Electric impulses coming from the brain to muscular tissues is going to be distorted. The electric current released by the stun baton on the body will cause instant immobilization and a diminished ability for controlled movements.

Convenient stun batons such as the Stun Master 4.5 million volt small stun baton include an age-old weapon with current self-defense technology. This baton stun gun uses completely the concept of stun gun effects within a lengthier range as given by the extending baton rod. The mini stun baton provides the ease of having a rechargeable battery. It also comes with a built-in LED flashlight.

Moreover new stun gun safety measures have been utilized. A stun gun may have conductive screws that could shock any person who tried to seize the weapon for you. Plus you can control the dispersal of electric power by switching on and pressing a discharge button. The safety wrist tie and pull pin make sure that power is lost as soon as the baton is pried away from you.

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