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Are There Better Hiding Areas Compared To Bank?

It is scary to put money in banks what with numerous closing and interest rates decreasing. I find that keeping my cash in the house these days is a lot safer. If you are thinking about keeping your cash in the home like me you can get covert safes that look like books for added security.

Diversion safes resemble objects found inside and outside most homes. Unlike hidden wall safes or closet safes diversion safes can sit out in the open yet go unnoticed.

This is great mainly because robbers know where to seek out wall and closet safes. They might have heard of diversion safes but do not have the luxury of searching each and every item inside a house to find those.

These types of disguised safes come in numerous styles. Some may decide to use a peanut butter can safe beside a fruit cocktail safe inside their pantry or fridge. Others might like a flowerpot safe or a rock safe inside their garden or patio.

Book safes are one sort of diversion safe. The cover and binding are constructed of the exact same material as any other book. The only real difference emerges when you open one up.

Each looks exactly like a book but with the center hollowed out to stash your possessions and money. It can be kept on shelves and when sandwiched between real books no person aiming to steal anything valuable would pay it any attention.

The beauty about a book safe is that it could also be carried around. In case you have to transport your money you can do this by keeping it in your book safe. Thieves wouldnt suspect that it has cash within so you are a lot safer transporting your cash.

Banks used to be the most secure places to keep our money and belongings. However nowadays there is wisdom in keeping your money near you since there is barely any interest to be earned in banks. You can buy safes that look like books designed to make it difficult for thieves to locate your valuables.

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