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Advice On Keeping Funds Secure In College Dorms

Dormitory security is really lax with regards to the room of each student. Even though each and every dorm enforces tight security in the gates residents should take it upon themselves to keep their own rooms safe. I used to take dorm life for granted until something terrible happened.

I was very careful about people trying to enter the building along with me however that was about it. Knowing a lot of my fellow dormitory residents I always left my door open. With all the close friends and classmates coming into my room I still did not think about having a money safe box.

Everything was okay until the money that I was keeping for a weekend trip went missing. I thought that this was borne out of my very own carelessness and didnt remember about it. A couple of weeks later my food allowance for the entire month disappear into thin air.

I was now sure that somebody was stealing from me. I grew more cautious and started locking that door whether I was in or out. My roommate started to lose money too so he became vigilant as well.

Soon after being robbed I wanted to obtain a safe for things of value. I had the typical safe in mind a huge and heavy metal thing mounted on a wall. I went on the net to look for a cheap one and found a much better alternative when I saw diversion safes.

These kinds of safes looked like common objects that you would find anywhere. There were book safes with real pages but a compartment box in the center. I found a Slim Jim stash can which even got the weight right so you would believe it was full.

I believed that having disguised safes was a pretty sensible remedy to the case of the disappearing money. Nobody in our building would think that my allowance hid in a Brut shaving foam can safe. These fit my budget as well.

Now we keep visitors to our room at the minimum. The thief could spend hours looking through my things without knowing that my money safe box was sitting there innocently.

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