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Acquiring The Upper Hand When Utilizing Cell Phone Stun Guns

When you think about stun guns do you imagine these devices having menacing prongs sticking out right in front? Well think again. These non deadly weapons have been through a makeover and one of the successful outcomes is the cell phone stun gun.

Previously people thought that stun guns were just for pros. As a lot more folks become aware of how valuable they are for self-defense ordinary citizens are today arming themselves with these devices.

For more effectiveness makers just like Pretender are creating high voltage cell phone stun guns. Think of the shock of a bad guy as soon as you strike him with an plain-looking cellular phone and he all of a sudden feels a jolt of 4.5 million volts get into his body upon contact.

The cell phone stun gun is just the most recent in a long line of disguised stun guns that can help a person fight an offender without being obvious about it. As opposed to brandishing a familiar weapon you keep the element of surprise and will surely catch the offender unaware.

In the event of an attack a stun gun will electrically jolt an assailant putting a halt to his raging act. The almost-victim may then flee unharmed and snatch the chance to report the event to the police.

Even if the lawbreaker is searching for a self-defense weapon he will have no way of knowing that what youre carrying is really a cell phone stun gun. This will provide you with a big edge since he isnt going to try to avoid it.

This small stun gun appears like your regular mobile phone. Some even appear to be those camera mobile phone designs which are frequently seen today. Who would suspect that such a phone could really disable anyone?

If you wish to have a cell phone stun gun select a style that is equipped with a built-in flashlight. With the brightness provided by a 12-LED light for instance youve got a stun gun and a torch in a single unbeatable protective tool.

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