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A Simple But Effective Means Of Safeguarding Oneself

Turning into a professor was something that I always wanted so I was over joyed as soon as I landed my very first job in a decent college. The thing is having a 6 p.m. class I get stuck on campus fairly late.

The moment one of my own co-teachers was attacked going home one night I started to be worried for my safety. Seeing that I needed protection I searched the internet and came across self defense kubotans.

They are objects in the form of sticks that are typically connected to key chains. Even though it looks as if they cant inflict damage kubotans are actually designed for personal defense. This keychain unit is usually created from hard plastic or aluminum and virtually unbreakable.

I was fascinated by how a kubotan appears like any normal keychain but can actually save lives. Plus it is affordable which is ideal for me seeing as I just began working.

Furthermore I find it handy that a keychain kubotan is small and light so that I can bring it along easily. Besides I wouldnt want to be going to campus every day having a noticeable weapon within my possession.

It was hard initially to think that this kind of innocent-looking device could cause physical pain. However I discovered that incapacitating injury could be executed utilizing it to attack the boney parts of the body just like the collarbone kneecap or nose bridge. It can also cause pain when employed to poke the tender areas like the leg solar plexus and arm.

A kubotan is not hard to handle and utilize. I only have to carry it very much the same as I would an ice pick or perhaps a knife to hit and also poke the attacker in sensitive parts of the body. The fact that its used in law enforcement assures me doubly of its usefulness.

I am pleased to have found self defense kubotans on the web during a search. I feel much better knowing that I can safeguard myself. To ensure that I never leave home without mine its connected to my house keys.

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